Soul Nurturing Day Image

This past Sunday 8 beautiful souls graced me with their loving presence at my very first SOUL NURTURING DAY. They all arrived with an open heart to truly honour themselves and their needs. I was in awe of their willingness to be vulnerable and show up authentically. It was truly a blessing to witness and hold space for these magnificent women.

I am beyond grateful for what they have taught me—courage, authenticity, laughter, rawness, connection, love. I am always aware that I will learn from guiding these events but I am always pleasantly surprised just how much I receive out of it. Thank you to each woman for coming out and being a part of my ever-evolving journey.

To continue the theme of being vulnerable I will be honest in saying that it was a bit challenging for me to receive all the love, thanks and words of encouragement and gratitude from these women. Receiving love from others has been something that I have been working on for some time now. I am now aware when I try to block it or feel uncomfortable with it.

I was able to receive it (eventually!) through my awareness and I am feeling so filled up, inspired and empowered to continue to show up this way in the world. It is needed. Even when I feel the fear creep up around running these events…and yes even receiving the love…I know that in order to invite others to show up authentically I must do it myself.

Since this event was so transformative for those that attended as well as myself I am inspired to offer another one in September!

 NEXT SOUL NURTURING DAY >> Sunday, September 16!

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