Dope Ass Magic

Are you ready for Magic? šŸ„

Prepare for soul alchemy as we slouch off the winter slumber and burst into spring with an overnight retreat nestled on a beautiful country homestead 1.5 hours west of Toronto šŸŒ³

Empowered by a perfectly curated assortment of vibrational technologies this dope ass magic begins with an intimate sacred cacao and plant medicine ceremony šŸš€

We embark on the journey dancing and drumming around the fire šŸ”„

As the medicine begins to take us inward we flow back to the ceremony space to be nurtured by an otherworldly sound and Lucia Light immersion to complete our evening of soul alchemy ā˜Æļø

This is a safe, non-judgemental, co-creative space for free radical expression. If you have an instrument or would like to add your voice to the ceremony, we would be blessed and honored to receive it šŸ™šŸ¾

We will break the ceremony and our fast with some light food and stay in the container overnight rising to a delightful morning of integration šŸ˜“

šŸŒ™ šŸŒ™ šŸŒ™

Beginning again with delicious cacao we soften into restorative yin and tonic followed by an embodied breathwork practice and guided meditation šŸ§˜ā€ā™€ļø

Finally, we will enjoy a delicious plant-based meal and closing circle connection šŸ¤—

After the ceremony closes on Sunday you are welcome to spend the afternoon rejuvenating and reconnecting with nature on the land.

Upcoming dates coming soon…

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There are 8 participants but only 6 spots remain, get yours soon!


*Please keep in mind the nature of dope ass magic may affect exact timings.

Arrive and Settle In – 3:00pm
Opening Circle and Cacao Ceremony – 4:00pm
Magic – 4:44pm
Fireside Dancing and Drumming – 5:00pm
Vibrational Soul Alchemy – 5:30pm
Close Ceremony and Share Food – 11:00pm

Opening Circle and Cacao Ceremony – 9:00am
Yin and Tonic – 9:30am
Elemental Rhythm Breathwork Experience – 11:00am
Lunch and Closing Circle – 12:30pm
Explore the Land – 1:00 – 3:00pm


In this Cacao ceremony, we cultivate reverence and gratitude as well as our sacred intention to create space to journey into magic. The exploration of this subtle heart-opening plant medicine can evoke beautiful and heart awakening experiences.


Through various intuitive techniques, the exploration of sound encourages and enhances healing, expansion, and harmonization. Sound healing is rooted in the philosophy that all matter is vibrating at specific frequencies. It has been proven that sound, or vibration, has a strong impact upon substance as we are all energy.

Open to receive the vibrational medicine from magical sound instruments such as crystal singing bowls, drums, hand pan, flute, gong, chimes, shakers, rain stick, voice.


The Lucia Light NĀ°03 is a patented strobe light experience designed to utilize flickering white light and soft incandescent light to instantly and safely produce altered states of consciousness.

Without substances or special exercises, simply close your eyes, lay back, and let go.

Stimulating the pineal gland and other parts of the brain, YOU create an immersive visually captivating journey!

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Let’s create magic together!