An Urban Retreat

An Urban Retreat | Sacred Sunday⁠

Feb 26, 2023 | 1 – 5:30 pm | $200 pp⁠

Join Rebecca Llewellyn and I for this experience!

Our Urban retreat is an afternoon of ceremonies to support your healing and transformation on a cellular and soulful level:⁠

💙 Sound Healing⁠
💙 Rapeh⁠
💙 Journal Inquiries⁠
💙 Intention Setting⁠
💙 Shamanic Breathwork⁠

We will begin with a combined Sound & Vibrational Medicine and Rapeh ceremony, a Sacred Snuff to begin our journey together.⁠

Benefits of Rapeh:⁠

🌬️Opens up the 3rd eye and decalcifies the pineal⁠ gland which naturally hardens and calcifies with⁠ age.⁠
🌬️Purifies and cleanses the sinuses and respiratory⁠ tract, helping to heal sinus issues and reduce⁠ mucus.⁠
🌬️Offers energetic protection that comes from⁠ connecting with the plants as allies for strength,⁠ clarity, and focus.⁠
🌬️Connects you to the Earth, helping you to ground⁠ and center yourself for meditation and prayer⁠
🌬️Clears negativity and stills the mind⁠⁠

We integrate and go deeper with a Shamanic Breathwork Ceremony.⁠

⁠If you are being called for an opportunity of self-reflection, to get clear, to release and receive – then join us.⁠

Space is limited to 10!⁠