Enchanted Forest Evening

Set in a country property near Princeton an enchanted forest blossoms & beckons us to connect + remember.

Remember who we are & how to be again. In our hearts in communion with all of creation.

There is a deep calling to come together to create a world of unity, magic, connection + love. We do this together. 

This enchanted evening is calling upon those that are in a space to share their divine gifts + wisdom, to co-create + share in the vibrations that are present for all.

My/our intention for this evening is to connect with all realms, all potentialities, all of our divine essence + share in gratitude for all that we are.

We will come together to create this night & allow it to unfold + flow naturally. Be exactly who you are & open to sharing that which comes from your heart.

Since this evening is co-created I’m uncertain what will transpire but I feel some of all of these elements may be present (as they align deeply with my heart): sound, cacao, movement (yoga/dance), energy healing, meditation…all threaded together with joy, harmony, alchemy + so much love.

Come as you are. Come create + be the existence you desire.

When we come together, when we create together, when we laugh + cry + love together we amplify that vibration outward & we shift the resonance of this planet in the most delightful ways. I/we feel this. I/we know this. It’s time.


7–10 pm
Location: 706674 Township Road 2, Princeton Ontario N0J 1V0

There is the option to stay overnight at this stunning location. There are spots available in a cozy barn or pitch a tent in the enchanted country space. If this interests you please message me directly at cindy.vibrationalalchemy@gmail.com or 519-717-0980.

Energy Exchange: Heart-aligned offering (+ donation to the caretaker of the land if you are staying overnight)

Space is limited to 17 people. Only a couple of spots remain!

Come explore + create with us in this enchanted ceremony!