Plant Medicine Journey Guidance

Plant medicine journeys can be powerful, thought-provoking, connecting experiences. There is preparation involved before connecting with the medicine as well as life-long integration and processing that comes after a ceremony.

Often in ceremony, you may experience a different level of consciousness that expands the mind and awareness beyond your current level of perspective. This can be reassuring, refreshing, enlightening and a sometimes scary for some. It can challenge the very foundation that you have been living within.

Although the journey can be magical the integration after the ceremony can be challenging and overwhelming. Your inner work and ceremony doesn’t stop once the actual plant medicine experience commences. We flow into a new thread of awareness that we must integrate into the lives that we were living prior to our journey.

Often a shift in perspective can threaten, affect or enhance your relationships to self and others, your thoughts, your habits, your community, your career or purpose. The after effects can be challenging to move through on your own if you don’t have any support or community to lean into.

My intention for guiding, supporting and assisting others in preparation and integration with plant medicine is to create a safe space to fully realize what you are meant to receive in this piece of your healing passage.

My experiences with Ayahuasca and other plant medicines have significantly impacted and forever shifted my life during the ceremony and particularly after, during my integration process. I have come to realize that supporting others through preparation and integration is a part of my purpose and contribution to humanity and Mother Earth. I feel grateful and blessed to be able to offer my guidance and love during this divine healing evolution.

Preparation + Integration

Everyone has different needs for preparation and integration. Some need more guidance while others just need a couple sessions.

I would love to have a 15-minute exploration call to see if I am the one to help you receive the experience you are desiring. There are various packages available but often a connection over the phone can be helpful in discussing options and what works best for you.

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If you can’t find a time that works for you, please reach out here to see if another time can be arranged.