1-on-1 Sacred Cacao Ceremony

This personalized ceremony is curated to invite you to deeply connect with the healing power of cacao + experience its transformative benefits.

We begin the ceremony by sharing ceremonial-grade cacao. As you savour the rich + flavorful cacao, we will connect with the spirit of the plant + set intentions for your ceremony.

Cacao is a natural mood enhancer + can promote feelings of bliss, love + gratitude. It’s also a powerful heart opener, allowing you to connect with yourself + the world around you in a more authentic way. In addition, cacao can support the release of emotional blockages + promote a sense of inner peace.

Throughout your ceremony, sound healing, guided meditation, nature connection, movement or other tools + wisdom may be shared to enhance your experience.

This ceremony is a sacred space where you can let go of any distractions or stresses + be fully present.


60-minute session : $99

Need Cacao? Contact me directly to discuss how to get it.

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Hamilton, ON – Location will be available upon booking.

Available to travel for home/work treatments. Depending on location, additional travel costs may apply.