This is me

Threaded throughout who I appear to be on the surface—a mom to two beautiful boys, a daughter, sister, friend, typography nerd, yogi, energy healing practitioner, joy seeker, spiritual mystic, dancer, singer—there is a deep inner resonance of my loving magic expressed fully as my truest, highest self at heart. 

I am a soul just like you, looking for clarity, fulfillment, joy, and love while I’m here in this lifetime. It’s such a ride and I truly love all of it—the challenges, the triumph, the sadness, the laughter—all of it invites me to dive deeper into my core, my centre, the part of me that is connected to all.

That is Vibrational Alchemy to me—when you accept your inner gifts and truly shine them outwards while simultaneously exploring your own heart into a deeper, more harmonious resonance with all of life. 

As with each of us, this journey has sharp ebbs and smooth flows, filled with crazy bumps and peaceful ease. Over the years I have compiled resources, tools, wisdom, practices, and learnings that have resonated with me and assisted me on my path. As I continue to expand, grow and flourish on my own path, I wish to share these healing frequencies with whoevers heart calls to receive it.

I actively embody many movement practices such as yoga, dancing, boxing, shaking to better integrate in my own soul alchemy. Meditation has been another key to unlocking my true self and will always have a place in my life’s journey. Learning how to deliver my own meditations and sharing that gift with others has been such a pleasure to my core essence of being. 

Reiki, Sound Healing Ceremonies, BodyTalk, Chord Cutting, Plant Medicine Journeys, Cacao ceremonies and other modalities support me through challenging times and I’m grateful to offer many of them to other souls that feel called to be nurtured in these ways.

I cultivate a calm, peaceful, loving presence that guides me to connect with others by creating a safe space for them to access their own innate wisdom for embodiment and freedom. In sacred ceremony, I intuitively channel whichever divine frequencies of healing energies need to come through and in which form and trust that it is always for the highest good of all involved. This curates a co-creative, immersive experience that allows others to explore deeper parts of who they truly are. 

My intention is to offer my gifts and guidance to others that are ready to truly look at themselves, discover what may be holding them back and to invite in more clarity and freedom. I do not ever heal anyone, they heal themselves…I am a guide that shines a light on the path where they may not have been able to see yet. We are all capable of becoming more embodied at a more authentic resonance of our heart truth. Our soul knows the way, we just get lost sometimes and need a roadmap to get back to our centre, which naturally aligns us with the centre of all consciousness. 

Cindy Lynn

Photo by Swire Photos